The creation of a landing page is certainly one of the primary activities of a marketer and the real challenge is knowing how to optimize it in the best possible way.
If you have come across existential doubts about their realization at least once, you are in the right place and don’t feel alone! Did you know that about 75% of these pages have optimization problems? In fact, their average conversion rate is only 2.35%.
In this article you will find some useful tips for your marketing activity, so you just have to start reading!

The most common mistakes

Perhaps what you are about to read will seem trivial to you, but these are the most common mistakes made. Let’s do a quick review, so you can avoid them:

1. Slow loading pages
About 74% of users say they would leave a site if the page didn’t load within 5 seconds. You then have a very limited amount of time in which to show your work to the potential lead and impress them. Then make sure everything is working properly and uploading happens within these 5 seconds. A tool like PageSpeed Insights from Google can help you catch any problems early. If yours is built with WordPress, this article from our blog could be very useful for you!

2. Generic images
Inserting personalized images, or in any case related to the content, can increase conversions by 35%! Carefully choose how to customize the LP, interrupt the text reading flow in the right places with coherent graphics and check that you have loaded them correctly, so pay attention to the name, size, definition and any connected links. Remember that images are the most attention-grabbing detail on any website. Check out our article on creative tools, you might find some inspiration!

3. Is it mobile friendly?
Only half of the landing pages on the web are optimized for mobile. Considering that most of us carry out all activities from our smartphone, check to see if the page is responsive. In general, the whole site should automatically adapt to the screen size so as to make every part of it responsive and provide a comprehensive user experience.

4. Unclear CTAs
They’re called Call to Actions, or “call to action,” so make sure they’re clear, explicit, and really invite your user to take an action on the site. CTAs must be click-proof, and these are the ones that ensure conversion.
Place the button prominently within the page and use attractive words like get, try, start, discover, etc.

5. Sending traffic to the homepage
Direct traffic to specific pages, especially if it is the paid one. Landing the user on a dedicated page and not on the generic homepage will help you increase conversions and it will also be easier to track the results.

6. Optimize for SEO
Almost 50% of the traffic to your website comes thanks to search engines, especially Google, so don’t forget to write your pages with an SEO perspective. Find keywords that are relevant to your content, set up on-page sections such as short and concise URLs, a title tag, and a catchy meta description, and try to get good backlinks. In case you can always rely on an agency to have support at this stage! Discover here our services for these activities.

Some tips

To know the behavior of users you have to analyze your landing page, so you know where and how to improve it! To do this you can help with some tools that allow you to monitor the results.
You can see where visitors click through heat maps, heat maps that indicate the most interesting areas. Try Crazy Egg, we love it!
With Content Analytics instead check what percentage of the page visitors read, so you better understand how to arrange the information to arouse more interest.

Do you know the KISS & PAS formulas? They are very useful techniques to improve your copy!

KISS (keep it simple Stupid)
Don’t complicate your lyrics more than necessary. Do not write pages miles, it may distract the attention of the reader who ends up not understanding what you want to communicate. Yes, it is true, storytelling is a great tactic to leave its mark, but if you are not sure of the content and form, better leave it alone.
Remember that what you promise to the customer through the title, must be respected to the end, therefore also in the text. For example, if you offer special content such as a free guide, a discount code, or a free trial period, in exchange for subscribing to the newsletter, it’s pointless to drag it out, keep in mind the goal and aim straight ahead!

PAS (problem, agitate, solve)
This technique starts with presenting a common problem for your readers. At this point to arouse interest proceed to “agitate” the user focusing all on the emotional level and finally propose your solution.
You can use this formula both in short texts such as banner ads and pop-ups, and in longer pages.

In conclusion

Your landing page should be as attractive as possible for visitors to your website, and avoiding these usual mistakes, your activities will perform better and better, especially paid campaigns.
Finally, always remember to test, is one of the most important steps of optimization of the landing page. They allow you to compare your ads and measure their effectiveness.

Now that you know everything about this topic, run to check your site to correct any errors and improve performance!