TikTok is developing the ability to create a customized, artificial intelligence-generated profile picture in-stream. The process requires users to upload 3 to 10 photos of themselves, from which the system can then make the avatar.
Early rumors note how this upgrade is in reference to the “TikTok Plus” program, the subscription membership coming soon.


Instagram adds new analytics for reels! This update is designed to help both creators tap into the latest trends to maximize viewer engagement and create a strong community, and for marketers looking to get the most out of their content. Among the new elements will be a button to search for the latest trending audio and hashtags.

In addition, Meta’s platform, launched one of its most popular updates lately, offering users the ability to add up to five links in their bio, expanding its ability to drive traffic. Once the links are clicked, users will receive a Linktree-like overview with various options.
To add them go to “Edit Profile” > “Links” > “Add External Link.” From there, you can drag and drop to order your links as you want them to appear in the app.


Creator studio officially stopped working as of April 12. You are now redirected to Meta Business Suite where you will find all the scheduling and content management tools. With this change Meta wanted to combine all the functions used for working on the platforms into one tool.


The LinkedIn Podcast Academy is coming! This is a 6-month training program that will help creators build a real community around their content. Now LinkedIn is also focusing quite a bit on this format, which can also be used on this platform to disseminate scientific and professional information or to tell about experiences and exchange opinions.


WhatsApp is implementing a new option that will allow users to access the same account on multiple devices. This way chats can be maintained even while switching between devices. The update could benefit business owners by allowing multiple employees to access the same Business account to contact customers.

The testing phase has begun for channels, a feature that will allow updates to be shared with a larger group of people. They will work like those on Telegram and will be very similar to subscribing to a newsletter. They will be placed between traditional chat and calls, thus integrated into the current “Status” tab. There will also be a “Find Channels” button for searching by topic or creator.