Having an e-commerce business today is not so simple: there are many activities to consider and the competition is fierce. In many sectors, the market is almost saturated and a well planned strategy is needed to stand out.
Videos have now entered the marketing plans of almost all companies and if yours does not yet include them, perhaps this article will be useful!

This type of content is effective because it is an all-in-one channel that can cover and identify all the vital points of a brand or product. Moreover, it can be disseminated on every platform, from social media to email newsletters, from landing pages to e-commerce platforms.

Before we discover the best formats to increase conversions, let’s take a look at some significant statistics.

  • 54% of buyers want to see more videos from brands and companies
  • buyers who watch this content are 1.81 times more likely to convert than non-viewers

Have we convinced you? Now you just have to choose the right type for you! 👇

1. Animated explicatory videos

This format uses animations, images and graphics to convey a message. It is the best way to explain a brand, a process or any complex idea. You can choose from many animation styles, such as from 2D or 3D to stop motion. In addition, there are no limits to your creativity in deciding style colors, music, storyline and all other parts.

2.Product videos

If you want to portray your products in a more real-life situation, this could be the perfect solution! It allows you to highlight their features, merits and demonstrates their uses.
The most popular formats for this typology are the unboxing videos or tutorials, which are simple but effective in highlighting the single product.

3. Comparison videos

Is your brand in a highly developed sector? Then you have numerous competitors and to win customers you can use comparison videos that highlight the features of your products or propose them as an ideal solution to the consumer’s problem. There is no need to show the brands of your competitors, this content is used to explain to your audience why they should buy from your shop instead of another and is often used in combination with the product video.

4. Videos on corporate culture

People are often curious about how a company works. It is nice to know who and what is behind the brand, to understand how ideas are born, how they are developed, up to the practical processes of packaging and shipping. It might therefore be a good idea to give your audience a peek behind the scenes. Moreover, a corporate culture video is also effective for building relationships, increasing engagement with potential leads and retaining existing customers.

5.Interactive videos

With this option you can increase engagement rates by up to 47% compared to a non-interactive video. How to do it? Here are some suggestions:

  • insert a link or button to make a purchase directly;
  • add related content so that the user can choose and move on to the next one;
  • if you have the opportunity, make a 360 degree virtual reality video that allows the audience to explore every direction and have an amplified experience.
  • record live, put your face to it and start a live broadcast where users can interact directly with you, perhaps through a Q&A format.

6. Emotional videos

To increase engagement you can also focus on emotions, it is one of the most effective ways to connect with people.
For a video to be truly moving, you need to build a good storytelling, that is a compelling storyline from start to finish, where there are moments where the user’s attention is captured and immersed in the story. To ensure conversion, include a clear call to action at the end of the content.

7. Video testimonials and reviews

To achieve a high conversion rate, testimonial and review videos should not be excluded either. You can ask your customers to tell you about their buying experience or to say a few words about your brand. Hearing the words of those who have bought before you can greatly influence whether or not they continue with the order.
Moreover, this will improve trust in your brand and its level of reputation.