Meta is increasing its efforts to ensure ever more performing advertising toolsIn the USA, functions will soon be introduced that will make shops enabled for checkout and the experience will be simplified with useful pluses for sellers thanks to an improved page layout and new tools.

A new monetization model for reels is also being tested. We are talking about a format that will allow creators to earn based on the number of views of the content.


Here comes TikTok Sans, a custom typographic font, with simplified and distinct characters, to ensure better recognition and reliability in all languages.

The platform then solidifies the connection with the best creators, thanks to the addition of a new funding program called Creator Effects to directly fund the best performing clips in terms of creativity.


Are you afraid that unauthorized people will read your private chats? Whatsapp introduces the “Chat Lock” function, which will allow you to protect conversations from prying eyes. Just click on the chat you want to hide and activate the function thanks to which notifications will also become discreet. You will need to use your phone’s Face ID or password to access it.

Whatsapp is also testing a new way to “streamline” the current process of replying to messages with reactions. The double tap will therefore be enough to leave a reaction, which will translate (for the moment) to the already widespread thumbs up.

In fact, the function that will allow users to modify their messages within 15 minutes of sending them is official and will be active in the coming weeks.


Shared stories and posts: soon 2 profiles will be able to collaborate not only in posts but also in stories! Just send a request and when it is accepted the stories will be visible on both profiles involved.

After weeks of negotiations, music is finally back on Instagram and Facebook… but only for a little while! Meta and SIAE have in fact reached a transitional agreement which will end on 6 October 2023.

Last news, but not least: Instagram has recently introduced the ability to comment using GIFs.


Goodbye password, hello Passkey! Google revolutionizes access to data by introducing a new free authentication system that can be used by all users with an account. The system uses fingerprint, facial recognition and the set pin.
To start using this function, simply access your profile and configure it!

Google also announced a range of new generative AI tools, including new ad creation options, personalized text-based ads from your website, and more.