Do you already have some updated data on your marketing strategies for this 2023!?
How are your sponsored campaigns going, what is the sales trend in your shop or the number of leads on your site?

When investing, the most important thing is definitely to track and analyze as much information as possible. To do this, KPIs are a very useful tool.

We already dealt with this topic some time ago in this article, today we want to give you some tips on which values you should monitor most carefully!

Web Marketing

Page views
We are talking about the total number of page views of your website. By monitoring and understanding the metrics related to views, you can understand whether a site is generating enough traffic.

How can this be measured? Google Analytics is a great free tool for monitoring site views.

HappyTips: a strategy to improve it? Aim for a better ranking in the SERPs with inbound marketing. We have discussed this in detail in this article.

Average duration of the session
The average session duration is the time a user spends browsing your site and allows you to understand which content is most interesting.

How can you measure it? Once again, Google Analytics is the best tool to monitor this data. According to Analytics, a good figure is between 2 and 4 minutes, but there is no fixed rule. The value is indicative and should always be put in context with the actual user behaviour and the website in question.

HappyTips: how can you improve it? Once you have established the most interesting content and sections of your site, you can focus on these and try to create more valuable and comprehensive content for your users.

Bounce Rate
Bounce rate is a marketing KPI that measures the percentage of visitors who abandon a website after viewing a single page. This can happen for several reasons: content that is not interesting to the user; the user immediately found what they were looking for; page malfunctioning or invasive advertising.

How can this be measured? The data can be found in the Google Analytics control panel and varies depending on the site we are dealing with: for a blog the bounce rate is between 70 and 90 per cent; for information sites it drops to 40-60 per cent and for sites offering services it should remain between 10-30 per cent.

HappyTips: there is no universal strategy for improving frequency. In general, however, it is important to provide well-connected content that is of interest to users.

Email Marketing KPIs

Delivery Rate and Open Rate
It indicates the delivery rate of emails sent to your subscribers without system errors and the relative open rate. A low open rate may be due to a lack of interest in the newsletter content or due to an error in the subscriber’s e-mail system that may direct them to the spam folder.

How can this be measured? There are several email marketing platforms and each of them has a dashboard for analyzing metrics. Most campaigns have a delivery rate close to 99%. A very good open rate is 20.4 per cent. If you have higher rates, you are doing very well; on the contrary, we recommend that you work on some elements.

HappyTips: the best way to increase the delivery rate is to constantly check and update the database, making sure that the subscribers are active and real. To optimize the open rate, it is good to work on the subject line, preheader and sender. You need to make your recipients curious and push them to open the email. if you want to learn more, read this article!

Ps. don’t forget to send your newsletter at times that suit your audience.

Unsubscribe Rate
Another important KPI of email marketing is the unsubscribe rate, which indicates the number of users who request to be unsubscribed from the mailing list. The reason? Their interest has changed, they signed up by mistake or they receive too many emails.

How can this be measured? As always, the email marketing platform used offers detailed reports on these metrics. Generally speaking, an unsubscription rate should remain below 2%.

HappyTips: focus on useful and interesting content for your users, segment your mailing list even more by specific topics.

Financial Marketing KPIs

Customer acquisition cost (CAC)
This is the cost incurred by the company to develop marketing campaigns with the aim of acquiring new customers. It can be calculated by dividing the investment by the number of customers acquired in that specific time period.

HappyTips: this can be improved by reducing acquisition costs. How? By optimizing SEO, content and increasing traffic to your website. Read this article to find out all the latest data.

Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS)
The ROAS is used to measure the economic return on advertising investments, i.e. the revenue generated by an advertising campaign compared to the costs incurred. It is calculated using the following formula:

ROAS = (advertising campaign revenue / investment costs) * 100

HappyTips: you can improve the ROAS by reducing the budget of less profitable campaigns and use indicators such as CPC, CPM, Conversion Rate to determine which channels perform best and focus on those to create more effective campaigns.

In this short guide we have analyzed just a few of the most important marketing KPIs, but the list could be much longer.
Remember that in digital marketing, KPIs are a powerful tool for accurately monitoring the performance of your campaigns. It is therefore essential to invest some of your time in keeping up to date with this data.