Whatsapp has unveiled Voice Status, a new way of sharing status by recording and sharing a voice message.

It will last 30 seconds and can be customized with a colorful background.
To update it, simply enter the App, click on Status and select the Microphone icon to record.
Once you have changed the background you will also be able to add a sentence and proceed with posting. Like the other status content it will be active for 24 hours!

registrazione di file audio nel proprio stato whatsapp


Instagram adds a new option to include music tracks to notes.

Group profiles are officially coming! They are defined as the “old groups” of Facebook and allow users to share content on a single page, without the need to exchange passwords or credentials to access them. What can they be used for? Groups, associations, events or initiatives, but also to make dissemination of information or ideas.

It will be also launched one of the most requested functions since the advent of Stories namely search! From now on you will be able to figure out faster if a profile has viewed your stories. A crush-proof feature 😜


Linkedin launches Direct for companies: any company page will be able to receive and send private messages about company services, products and opportunities. Like  for other social networks, messages will then be categorized to prioritize responses.

While interaction was previously “reserved” for communication between users, now, through more direct and immediate feedback, LinkedIn empowers companies to strengthen relationships and bridge the gap with potential customers. This simplifies certain processes, such as lead nurturing, which will be even more effective through future integration with the AI system, which LinkedIn is already working on.

LinkedIn introduce i Direct per le aziende per una comunicazione più efficace


It is testing a new visual product search option. Users can take a picture or upload images to find and purchase similar products. And have you ever made a purchase from this social?


Meta has chosen to add some features to Reels, such as polls, emoji, and stickers, with the clear intention of engaging as many users as possible.

It is also adding new editing tools that should give creators more flexibility in the types of videos they can share on the platform.


Google delves into the Artificial Intelligence universe with its new “try-on” feature, which allows users to view an item of clothing on real models and models, showing the fit of the item on different body types, sizes and skin tones. According to Google, this feature ensures a more accurate idea of how the garment will fit, in order to help the user to make purchases more consciously.

We will soon reveal all the details in a new article!

Google lancia la funzione Virtual Try on per visualizzare abiti su modelli reali prima di acquistarli