Meta verified has arrived in Italy! You can now make your profile more trustworthy on Instagram and Facebook for €13.99 per month.
The tick can be purchased directly online and offers the user more security for identity theft and some exclusive features such as 100 Stars per month on Facebook to support other creators and exclusive stickers on Stories, Reel and on Facebook.

The procedure to get it is very simple:

  1. go to IG or Facebook
  2. reach the settings section
  3. then choose the account management center item
  4. at this point access Meta Verified

Hurry up! Many users are already on the waiting list to receive it.


Instagram is launching Threads (at the moment only in the United States), a social networking service based on text conversations with like, comment, share and re-post features.
Communities will have the ability to discuss about topics of common interest in a more structured way, making it easier to share content on specific topics.
The look of the new platform seems to take great inspiration from its competitor Twitter and may land in Europe in the future.

Ragazza che manda messaggi in chat e mette like

That’s not all, Instagram is not stopping there, in fact it is also launching subscriptions for creators, a feature that aims to develop deeper connections between creators and followers.
In fact, it will be possible to create reels, posts and stories just for subscribers, share exclusive content, use interactive stickers in stories or make subscriber-only live streams.
Subscribers will also have access to Broadcast and Chat Social channels dedicated exclusively to them. In order to easily identify and prioritize the interaction with subscribers a badge will appear next to their comments and posts.


The little bird is about to leave the nest for good, Elon Musk is about to change the logo of his social! From a cuddly blue bird to a big “X“.


Whatsapp introduces some new features in the latest Android and iOS beta versions.

For Android, linking your own account to Whatsapp Web is simplified via the new “link with phone number” feature, an improvement to the one already in use via QR Code that presented some difficulties related to reading and scanning the code.

iOS, on the other hand, is about to introduce upgrades related to the appearance of the user interface, tab bar and navigation bar. The focus is on a cleaner and more intuitive design to provide a more satisfying experience.

Sticker lovers, you will be able to indulge from now on! It will soon be possible to configure your avatar by taking a simple photo, in this way you will have a more lively and dynamic conversations experience.

ragazza che si scatta un selfie per il suo avatar


The TikTok Youth Council is coming soon!
A digital space where adults and youth, direct users of the platform, can report their experiences and provide their vision of TikTok.
The “listening and discussion mode” will be the key that will allow the introduction of changes that better protect community members and ensure that the platform remains a safe and inclusive place.

In addition, downloading videos without the watermark is being tested.


Bard, Google’s AI- and machine-learning-based chatbot, recently introduced new features that will allow you to better develop your ideas, helping you find new insights you hadn’t thought about yet.

How does Bard work? You ask a question and it generates the answer, using the information of the Web. It can already generate different creative text formats, translate languages, give feedback in a comprehensive and informative way.

Let’s now look at the improvements:

  • speaker function to listen to responses;
  • rapid sharing of AI responses;
  • exporting lines of code, for programmers, functionality is added that allows Python code to be exported to Replit, as well as Google Colab;
  • choice of “Multiple Responses,” the chatbot can change the tone and style of responses based on five different options: simple, long, short, professional or informal;
  • loading the image into the prompts to allow Bard to analyze it and provide you with specific information or suggest a caption if necessary
Bard, il chatbot di Google, con le sue nuove funzioni