Sale time!!! We have put together some techniques that can help you improve performance and increase selling during the sales.

Specifically, in this article, we want to give you some tips for optimizing communication on social channels, alongside direct marketing activities via email and sms.

Let’s start by saying that social media are like gold in your hands, taking advantage of them is one of the best strategies to date, keeping up with the times in these cases is essential. Let’s not forget about email marketing and sms marketing channels which also play an equally important role.

Have you ever heard of Social Media Optimization (SMO)?
It is an activity whose goal is to increase interactions between the brand and its fans. Don’t let the word scare you off! It just means you need to make sure you create a compelling and winning editorial plan as well as a well-defined digital marketing strategy that will result in more interactions, more site visits, more traffic on your e-commerce or presence in your store.

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Meta, Instagram, Google

Meta offers you some interesting solutions to optimize sales during the sales period, such as the showcase, you can upload your products and display them with price, descriptions and images just like in any e-commerce platform. Being able to publish photos and videos, don’t forget to write posts related to the offers you have under your belt or those to come (reminder: always include Links and Tags to products to increase your chances of sales).

Great help comes especially from the targeted advertising campaigns made available by Meta and Google Ads. You will be able to show your posts to a wider slice of the audience (not limited to your circle of followers) selected by you, to hit the desired target audience.
When setting up a campaign you choose the characteristics of the audience you intend to attract such as: geographic location, demographics and interests etc.

Tips: On Meta, try Advantage+ automated campaigns that give the algorithm more freedom of action by allowing you to access more data, while also overcoming blockages due to recent cookie restrictions.

If you have professional shots or videos of your product then Instagram is perfect as a showcase!
The trump card here are #hashtags that make it easier to search for posts by topic and give your content more visibility.
You can consider putting Meta Ads alongside direct sponsorships of posts, stories or reels directly on Instagram.

Don’t forget to include the link to the product in order to stimulate impulse buying!

Email Marketing e Sms Marketing

Don’t forget to also provide for direct communication to people who already follow and know you!

Keep customers updated, make them feel like VIPs by offering exclusive content.
You got it right, we are talking about the good old email, the email marketing channel is definitely not to be underestimated, emails have a far higher engagement rate than any other digital strategy and the data confirms it. Try to create ad hoc newsletters with must-have bargains, preview access to promotions or new collections.

SMS and direct messages, via WhatsApp or Telegram, can also help you communicate quick updates.

Now it’s your turn! You have all the tools you need to continue your sale season at its best.

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