Instagram announces a new feature against spam and receiving unwanted content in dm, providing greater security for users.

Two new restrictions have been introduced for those who will try to send DM requests to users who do not follow them:

  • only one text message will be allowed to be sent. No pictures, videos, or voice notes will be allowed until the contacted user has accepted the following request
  • once the first invitation has been sent, you will have to wait 24 hours before being able to send another request to users who do not appear between your followers.

The search bar in stories is finally here!
From today you will be able to search for profiles among the views in stories through a real search bar. All you have to do is type in the username of the person you want to search and that’s it!

In addition, there are rumors regarding the creative being revolutionized with generative AI elements, including videos and custom stickers. Stay tuned!

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It is confirmed to be growing with revenues up to 11% and flying over 3 billion monthly active users, much of the credit seems to go to the Reels feature, widely promoted in recent months.

The company expands with a web version of Threads coming this week for a new microblogging experience and launches its revolutionary open source universal translator for over 100 languages.


The platform becomes the main source of information for Gen Z and will soon launch TikTok Shop. This is a feature that will allow you to purchase made-in-China products shown or promoted by live and video from creators or directly from brands. Products available for purchase are easily identified through an orange basket icon shown on the screen.
The launch is scheduled for this month in the U.S. Regarding the timing for Italy, we just have to wait for the next developments.

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Twitter or rather... X

It is final farewell to the famous little blue bird: welcome to X!
The rebranding of the platform marks a decisive change of direction for Elon Musk who explains that the new logo represents “the imperfections that characterize each of us.”
This is just one of the first changes that anticipate the new direction the platform intends to take: becoming an AI-based marketplace for goods, services, and opportunities.

The famous “tweets” become common “posts,” and it has also just been announced that the account-blocking feature, a much-disputed but strongly desired choice by Musk, has been eliminated.


Whatsapp introduces a fun new feature, video messages.
In fact, you can send them directly in chat, with a maximum duration of 60 seconds. You just click on the microphone icon and hold until it turns into a video camera, just as if you wanted to send an audio. You will be able to swipe up to freeze and record the video hands-free, they will also be played automatically in silent mode as soon as you open them in a chat, only tapping the video will start the sound.

No other news?! Absolutely not!
The platform also announces the introduction of sharing screen during video calls. To activate it just press on the “share” icon, you will be able to show photos, work documents or slides.

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Some rumors make think about the possibility that LinkedIn is working on an AI-powered chatbot, “Linkedin Coach,” that can help you apply for jobs available on the platform in the best possible way. The coach will support you during the selection process and help you network on the platform.

I know you’re thinking about that and no, it won’t be able to attend job interviews for you!