Have you ever wondered what services your customers are willing to give up?
We’ll tell you: none!
E-commerce became very popular, this means that there are more and more online consumers attached to pluses that they are now unwilling to give up. Shipping is one of them.

Yes because, if the delivery does not meet the customer’s expectations, you can ruin the post-purchase and the review of your customer. That’s why we have gathered in this article 9 simple tips to help you optimize your e-commerce shipping!

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#1 Manage inventory efficiently

How frustrating can it be for a customer to purchase a product and realize that is out of stock? It’s good to get your inventory information right, both from a conversion optimization perspective and for good management of your inventory.

#2 The importance of packaging

Packaging that is in line with trends and respect your consumers needs will benefit your e-commerce and sales. If you are curious and looking for more information, in case you haven’t read it yet, go have a look at our article where we accurately explored this topic.

#3 Pay attention to labeling

Pay attention to the format of the label, make sure it contains all useful details for the courier including the name on the doorbell or phone contact. Remember that depending on the country of destination or the chosen courier, labels may be more or less customizable.

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#4 About suppliers...

Offering various delivery options can help conversion! In fact, each customer will be able to choose the one that best suits their needs.
This might mean activating multiple couriers, but don’t worry, there are various platforms built into your CMS that can help you choose and centralize the most appropriate solutions.

#5 Secure packages

During peak season, traffic and orders increase. Insuring your parcel, especially in the case of valuable goods, can help you deal with unforeseen events such as loss or damage! Mistakes are just around the corner!

#6 Beware of international shipping

Exorbitant customs costs? Prepare the customer! Having an e-commerce business gives you the opportunity to export and offer your products to consumers in various markets. International shipping costs can be high, but the important thing is that the customer is aware of them.
So inform and anticipate customers about these costs and include them (if you can) in the final price of orders.

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#7 Facilitates shipping processes

It makes sense: the more online sales grow, the more solutions there are to meet this supply. For example, many couriers now allow delivery by appointment or to a pickup point to provide more flexibility for your customers and avoid storage stops due to missing receiver.

#8 Keep in touch

Customers don’t want to be abandoned. Inform them and keep them updated on the status of the package, provide a code to track the shipment, reassure them, and establish a qualitative relationship of trust.

#9 Make it easier

Make your shoppers’ lives as easy as possible, including in case of returns. It is a good option already including a label in the package for a possible return of goods.