One of the hot topics in the recent months is the one about artificial intelligence. A very powerful tool that represents a great revolution but at the same time frightening for its capabilities. We have often talked about it on our blog and today we want to focus on Cyber design.

Introduction: artificial intelligence consists of a set of systems, hardware and software capable of simulating capabilities that are usually typical of human beings with self-learning dynamics.

Definition: cyber design is a discipline that, by exploiting features and especially capabilities of AI, enables product development and helps to find innovative and increasingly efficient solutions.

Artificial intelligence has become part of many aspects of our lives; in particular, it is a great ally in the work environment.
Let’s look specifically at the contribution it gives to web designers.
Whether you are a beginner or a professional you have many tools available in order to help and support you in the realization of your projects.

web designer lavorano ad un progetto sfruttando l'intelligenza artificiale

How to leverage AI knowledge during the website creation phase?

Creating images

AI can provide you with inspiration for the project you are creating by offering ideas based on precise criteria saving the time you would have spent in time-consuming research on different platforms.

We will now introduce DALL-E the image generator which is perfect for this purpose. Based on your requirements, its diffusion model is able to generate almost realistic illustrations. All you need to do is providing a description, rich in details, of what you are looking for, such as type of site, page, purpose, color scheme, and web design style you would like and, once the data have been processed, DALL-E will provide you with several alternatives.

Creating layouts from drafts

That’s right, artificial intelligence can convert a sketch or screenshot into web design wireframes ready for editing.

In this case Visily can support you! All you need to do is upload an image and choose the correspondence level with the image. Then specify whether the wireframe is intended for desktop or mobile design and through the editing tools available make the changes you prefer.

ragazza al computer progetta un sito web

Creating Brand Image

Here we come to the brand image, logos, color palette and typography can be defined in different proposals suggested by AI.

Below we suggest 3 tools you can rely on:

  1. Hostinger’s Logo Maker. It will help you design a custom logo by choosing between two AI modes:
    – the first one generates images based on the brand name, slogan and industry. Preferable if you have some uncertainty regarding the design of your site and want to evaluate a larger number of alternatives
    – with the second mode you will instead have to provide a detailed description of your ideal logo
  2. Colormind and Khrom. Undecided on which colors to use? If so, these tools are made for you; they are AI-powered color palette generators. The choice of color plays a very important role in defining the success or otherwise of your web design, it helps to increase conversions and improve brand recognition.
    Colormind: learns color styles from photos, movies, and folk art that are uploaded daily, providing you with a large database of color palettes already created by others.
    Kroma: works by training the AI, submitting to it 50 colors you like, it will generate an infinite combination of color palettes based on your expressed preferences.
  3. Fontjoy: choosing the right font represents another challenge. With this tool you can identify a cohesive and visually appealing typography using deep learning. You can select a font for headings, subheadings, or body text. In addition, if you already have a font you would like to use Fontjoy can suggest complementary options.
sviluppatore sfrutta l'AI per programmare siti web

User Experience Optimization

Analysis of user data, as you well know, allows you to identify areas for improvement.
Of course, in this case too, we have the right tool for you: Crazy Egg. We are talking about a system that through the use of visual interventions, such as heat maps, highlights the most viewed and clicked site elements (such as CTAs, links…).

Uizar is another, very easy-to-use, tool for creating user interfaces for apps or websites. It allows you to look at interfaces already within the platform to get an idea of what you like, and once you communicate your preferences, a UX design style, tailored to your business, will be created.
Uizar like Crazy Egg also offers heat maps that highlight where users focus their attention the most.