Soon creators (and others) will be able to put polls in comments on posts and reels. The innovation is being tested and if all goes according to plan soon the feature will be accessible to everyone. The goal is to increase community engagement more and more.
Will they work like stories? Will they have a limited time?! We will find out soon!


The former Twitter launches a new ad format that cannot be flagged or blocked by users.
Also added is the DM setting for platform subscribers only, with the goal of helping creators improve their engagement with paying users.

No more like counts-a revolution that could soon be a reality. In fact, Musk is considering removing all counters from posts and keeping only the numbers related to views.

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Artificial intelligence is also gaining a foothold in the world of work. We’re talking about Recruiter 2023, a new update to the platform that uses AI to help companies come up with better search strings to bring out stronger candidate lists.


Spotify is testing a feature that will allow the voice of a podcast to be translated into any language using AI.
We are talking about a historic agreement, between OpenAi and Spotify, that will allow users to listen to podcasts in languages different from the original one, thanks to a new software that ChatGPT’s parent company will create for the app. Language differences will no longer be a limitation, but knowledge and information will be within everyone’s reach!
There is no define timeline, but the feature will surely have a great impact both by benefiting authors (who will be able to reach a wider audience) and by enriching the user experience.

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Great news for Meta which announces generative AI in all its apps. Get ready because from now you will be able to create stickers and edit your photos directly from the platform. The two new features will be restyle and backdrop, to edit the aesthetics and change the background of images, respectively.
Will the edited photos be recognizable? Meta has thought of that as well, in fact every image edited via AI will be tagged to notify users.

The new features do not end there: there will also be a supportive AI assistant! Always ready to help you if needed.


Artificial intelligence is gaining a foothold in the platform. The Creativity Assistant, designed to intelligently collaborate with advertisers, creative partners, and content creators throughout the creative journey, was recently launched.

TikTok then adds a new wallet to manage in-app transactions where you can get information about payments, coins, and rewards.

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Launches Paid Partnership Tags for sponsored posts to facilitate creator collaborations with brands and provide greater transparency in the app. These are new tools for partnership ads ahead of holiday shopping, offering more ways to maximize brand exposure in the app.


The future introduction of new monitoring tools to the platform has been announced. New subscriber analytics will be integrated to aid content planning, and there will be no shortage of new AI products to help creators creatively create, edit, and share content.