Instagram has revolutionized the world of marketing: with reels, posts, stories, shop ads you have the opportunity to reach millions and millions of users and connect with your consumers in a unique and creative way.

That’s why we have created a guide of tips and best practices for creating a winning strategy with Instagram Ads.

Let’s proceed step by step.

What is Instagram Ads?

Instagram offers the ability to promote and sell products and services through paid ads. You can range from videos, carousels, collections, images and stories.

Just as with Meta, you must first set goals and set a strategic budget for your ads. How much to spend is up to you. Obviously, costs have some variables: industry, time of year, duration of the ad, so it is essential to invest the budget strategically and according to the target audience.

Instagram for this steps helps you by creating an overview of the potential audience you can reach with that particular budget.

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How do IG ads work?

There are two ways to create ad campaigns on Instagram:

  1. Boosting, which is promoting content already on your page directly from the app. Quick and easy.
  2. The good old Meta Ads Manager, ideal especially for businesses that need more control over their ads, precisely because it includes more customizations and options.

How to create wow ads?

#1 Clear and concise texts
No one wants overcrowded ads. Create compelling, attention-grabbing text and keep in mind that only the first two lines will be displayed in the preview.

#2 3,2,1. go!
The first three seconds are crucial: that’s how long the average user stays on a post before scrolling to other content. So find an original way to keep users on your ad.

#3 No to promos …
.. or rather, in small doses. Don’t create overly intrusive ads that only talk about promotions and discounts. Instead, aim for storytelling and entertainment to increase interest in your brand.

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4# Explore formats
Instagram offers various types of content. Play around with the formats you have available, the important thing is that they align with the tone of voice and goals of your business.

5# Graphics are everything!
What will the user notice? Visuals. Invest in the graphics of your content: if the goal is to increase sales, show your products in every detail; if you want to increase engagement, aim for videos and images that convey a message that prompts them to interact with you.

6# Monitor the data
Nothing is more important than monitoring the performance of your ads. A little tip? Create A/B tests that present variations in creative and copy so you can understand what users prefer and optimize your content.

7# Don’t forget about placement
Ad style must be tailored to positioning. Design and optimize your ads for both mobile and desktop stories and posts. This will ensure a better user experience.