It has launched Out of Phone: an initiative that allows partners and brands to leverage TikTok content beyond the platform, bringing it into the real world through screens on billboards and kiosks and into movie theaters, bars, restaurants, cars, airports, gas stations, retail stores and more. How will the TikToks be chosen? Obviously by the algorithm.


Google has launched a great new feature for all users of its client-email. Reactions with emoji to respond faster to messages will be available in the coming months on Gmail. The new feature will be active on both the Android and iOS app and the desktop version of the email client. To add a reaction, simply click on the message, select the emoji from the menu, and send it.


A subscription that allows you to use Instagram and Facebook platforms without seeing ads has been officially active since a few weeks. Costs range from €9.99 to €12.99 per month, but beware advertisers, if you decide to subscribe your own ads will be limited!
And would you be willing to pay to stop seeing ads? We will talk about this soon on our channels.


Lots of news for Instagram, which is testing new elements for sharing private groups and experimenting with a new notes wall for user profiles. If you’ve never liked Close Friends you’re out of luck, you’ll soon find the Close Friends feature in the main feed. What’s going to change? We don’t know yet, but we will update soon!

In addition to collaborative carousel posts, new features for creators are being tested, such as displaying song lyrics in Reels.


Musk announces X‘s first AI, ready for testing. For now, X’s artificial intelligence has been released to a small group of users but there is a real possibility that everyone will be able to try it out in a short time.


Adds new security measures to protect users’ personal information and updates options for voice calls. What could be better? Well, a new feature that allows you to have access to two accounts on the same device. Now available only on Android, Whatsapp allows you to use two accounts at the same time, for example, your personal account and your work account. You will need a second phone number and a new sim, after which you can switch between the two quickly and easily!


Announces Lens studio 5.0. with new tools for creating AR experiences (what are they? We talked about them in this article).
Since a few weeks, developers can use Lens Studio 5.0 Beta, to which new AI features have been added, in collaboration with Open AI, to increase productivity and enhance group collaboration.


LinkedIn is increasing its use of Artificial Intelligence. In fact, it has launched new AI-powered summarization tools for articles and job postings that can be published on the platform. It is also preparing to remove carousel posts starting Dec. 14, 2024.