We had already talked about it in one of our Digital News social pills, and today we delve deeper into the topic!

TikTok Shop is a feature that allows you to buy or, if you are a business or creator, sell products while greatly increasing audience engagement.
The concept is very simple and is basically based on social commerce and impulse buying.

video streaming su TikTok di ragazza sorridente che fa shopping

What is meant by social commerce? We are suggested by the word itself, it is the sale, on the main social media, of any product by leveraging the influence exerted by creators.
Basically, users, while continuing to do the same activities they have always done so far, by following their influencer, will be able to discover new products and buy them in a few simple clicks, of course all this without leaving the app.
By doing so, the ties between creator/brand and community become stronger, incentivizing purchases.

What, on the other hand, is meant by impulse buying? Impulse buying is what the user makes while browsing the content of their favorite creators. It is unbudgeted, unplanned but is simply the result of a sudden stimulus.

If you own a brand to launch or if you are eager to increase sales by boosting the growth of your brand you can take advantage of this opportunity. You will be able to sell your products to your audience through various video content, LIVE streaming and in the Product Showcases tab of your profile page.

live stream video su TikTok shop

There are three options that the platform offers through its new feature:

  1. live shopping: it will be allowed to buy directly from a live stream. How? Very simple, by clicking pinned products or peeking inside the shopping cart at products that are used during the Live
  2. shoppable video: purchases will be made possible directly from the in-feed video by clicking product links or the shopping cart icon
  3. product showcase: it will also be possible to purchase directly from the brand or creator’s account without leaving the app.

Currently, payments take place directly on the target shop, but TikTok does not exclude, in the near future, the possibility of making the purchase process even easier by including an in-house payment system. The platform retains a commission from each sale, amounting to 5 percent.

In the Asian countries where the feature has been tested, it has been a great success. Suffice it to say that in China alone it has generated more than 10 billion sales. On the other hand, the interest shown by Western countries, still reluctant to combine social media and shopping experience, is different.

In fact, at the moment TikTok Shop is available in: Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, United Kingdom, Singapore, United States, Thailand, and Vietnam.

video live streaming su TikTok shop

Let's get down to the facts: how to create an account?

Let’s see now in concrete terms how to use this feature that we are sure will arrive soon in Italy too!

If you are a user and want to make a purchase follow these steps:

  1. click on the cart icon (top right of the app home page)
  2. a screen will appear with the available product categories (fashion, beauty, home…)
  3. select the category of your interest to view all the products on sale with price, description and attached links to buy them
  4. and now off to shopping!

If, on the other hand, you want to put your products on sale, proceed as follows:

  1. log in with your own account or create one
  2. log in to the TikTok Shop seller center and complete the setup process
  3. link your bank account
  4. once you have confirmed your identity, you can start setting up your TikTok Shop.
    HappyTips: remember that it is important that all product names be at least 15 characters long to pass final approval.

There is no denying that social media are playing their part in the shopping world. They simplify the buying and selling experience, ease the stress of user research and migration from one app to another platform or site, and increase merchant or brand sales opportunities.