On Thursday 14 December, Threads officially arrived in Europe!
Let’s give a little more space to this new social platform whose basic concept is the same as X, namely sharing text messages.
The goals of the new platform are to create communities and solid discussions, unlike X which focuses instead on more immediate and instinctive content.

The differences? The maximum post length in Threads is 500 characters, while in X it is 280; there are no hashtags in Threads and posts can be re-published and shared directly on Instagram as stories.

Threads has a limit of 10 media content, while X only 4.
Don’t forget that you need to have an IG account to use the app, but this is a plus as you will find the same links and you won’t lose your community.

Obviously there is a lot of hype around this social but, did we really need it? And will you use it?

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Meta announced that it would discontinue the integration between Messenger and Instagram in December. There was no official explanation, but it was probably a decision to comply with EU regulations.
It will therefore no longer be possible to communicate between the apps, initiate conversations or make calls with the Facebook account from Instagram.


Has the time come to revolutionise stories? It seems that Instagram is testing a new type: they will be called My Week and will last seven days instead of the usual 24 hours.
Not many details have been released yet, but we do know that My Week would allow users to collect all the content published during the week in a single story.

This could change the way people communicate on the platform, giving more space for creativity, providing more opportunities for interaction and giving the most distracted followers the chance not to miss out on daily content.

We will update you soon with more details!

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It is confirmed for the second year running as the leading social platform for teenagers.

It also adds a new function called For You Page. This name has given rise to several comparisons with the For You page on TikTok where algorithms generate recommendations which are shown in the feed.
YouTube will also work in the same way, numerous recommended videos will be displayed, obviously highly customised and adapted to the viewing habits of individual visitors.


The social network has announced that more generative AI elements and functions will soon be added, just as in recent months.


Big news, on whatsapp it is finally possible to send photos and videos in original quality!
But that’s not all, because it adds the possibility of creating passwords to access chats and the possibility of adding pins to items in conversations.

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Gemini, Google’s new artificial intelligence against ChatGPT, is born. A new rival for OpenAI arrives on the scene, which according to Google, will be an AI model trained to behave in a human-like manner and capable of reasoning better than any rival on the market.
Certainly a new era for Google, a project that will, once again, rekindle animosities concerning the potential danger of this technology.