2024 we do not fear you! We are ready and full of energy!
To stay on top, you need to stay up-to-date with the trends to come.
So don’t miss out the 10 trends, summarised for you, that will define the layout of websites in the new year!

TOP 10 TREND 2024

1. UX Design

Designing a website focusing on the user experience is a trend that is already in vogue at the moment and will become even more popular in the near future.

While creating the path to achieve the desired results, you cannot disregard the users, as lead generation, increased traffic and conversion all have one denominator in common: the visitor.


Involving the user from the very first seconds, providing information to immediately convey what the company has to offer, proposing possible solutions and creating customised experiences are just some of the techniques that are now at the heart of web design.

2. Back to the past

Graphics typical of the 2000s, characterised by static noise in background images, mixed multi-colours, negative images and colours, are making their way back onto our screens.

Retro design helps to make a site stand out by appealing to the sense of nostalgia evoked in the user, a technique that is considered very effective as it captures attention while allowing you to remain creative in a world that is constantly looking to the future.

3. Back to Gradient

The first to dust off the colour chart was Instagram back in 2018, with a Swiffer wipe giving new life to gradients, bringing them back into logo design.
The public response to the app’s new icon was surprising enough to make graphic designers and brands reconsider their reuse.

Gradients enhance the visual appeal of e-commerce sites and platforms, allowing you to highlight essential messages, adding depth to a flat image and creating, through gradients, the illusion of movement while maintaining a certain minimalism.
Basically, they increase the appeal of your site by encouraging users to continue browsing by scrolling through all the pages.
They are not new but a trend that hardly ever goes out of fashion, occasionally put in a corner but always valid when dusted off!

4. Kinetic or dynamic typography

How to attract the user’s attention while reading a text? Through kinetic or moving typography. A style where animations are added to the text, it does not slow down the site and allows you to achieve a good result even on mobile. A touch of liveliness that the user will not disdain at all!

5. Interactive storytelling - Let's play together!

The importance of storytelling is well known, it allows you to fortify your brand identity and make your company stand out in a very competitive landscape.
So what’s new? Interactivity. To further increase your impact on your audience in order to keep them on your site for longer, you need to add interactive elements that will increase their engagement such as gamification, videos and 3D images.
An ingenious and fun solution!

6. Large or oversized text

A site that catches at first glance? It is possible with the addition of large or oversized text. We are not only talking about the main title but also about subtitles that could be in thicker or bold format to highlight best-selling products, must-haves or services offered.

Large text will give you the opportunity to say more with less, increasing the appeal of the site while maintaining a minimal layout. Not to mention that it will indirectly ensure greater site responsiveness by not requiring designers to upload large images to fill in the spaces.

7. Glassmorfism

Have you ever come across this word? It is a trend whereby designers apply transparency to create a glass effect to the content they want to bring out, giving depth to the site and visual hierarchy to the user interface.
It captures attention to such an extent that it greatly enhances the message or product contained in the hero section.
There is no doubt that this trend will be present throughout 2024.

8. Handmade illustrations

The use of ‘hand-drawn art’ within a site has become increasingly common. We are talking about illustrations through which you can unleash your creativity, giving uniqueness to your site.
You can tell stories or your company’s services, these images do not have to be elaborate to be effective, they can also have a simple design. They are a very versatile tool, applicable to different themes, layouts and elements, valid for any type of website.
They will help you create a unique and memorable experience for your users.

9. Transparent and visible borders

Visible and clear borders around large images and product photos will be abundantly used by designers to separate sections of the homepage and parts of text, making it easier to highlight important details or best sellers.

10. Homepage in motion

Last point!
Of great impact and effectiveness are the motion effects placed on the homepage to increase user involvement from the very first seconds.

Here are some of them:

  • scrolling animations
  • hover animations
  • loading animations

The choice is wide, just be careful not to overload your site by inserting too many effects, you may risk confusing users from a visual point of view and slowing down page loading. In this case you should apply the rule of: better quality wins against quantity with poor quality .