SEO strategies are constantly evolving, but despite the changes in recent years, what ( for the moment) is certain is that link building plays a key role in a website’s ranking.

Being able to get links to your site seems really difficult, and yes, it is certainly not an easy feat, especially if you belong to a particularly competitive industry.
But don’t give up, we have written down some tips for doing link building strategically.

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Let’s take action: How to do link building?


As Google said, “the best way to encourage quality, relevant links to yours on other sites is to create unique and distinctive content that naturally gains popularity in the Internet community.”

The important thing for Google is that links are acquired naturally and without forcing.

Less is more

Backlinks are real referrals for your website, obviously one’s strategy varies if it is a new site or not. As mentioned above, link building must be slow and natural so as not to risk Google perceiving links as artificial.

Backlinks must bring value to your site’s content, so aim for quality, relevance and authority.

While it used to be thought that the more backlinks you get, the better your ranking, today we know for sure that Google evaluates many factors such as provenance, quality, nature, relevance and various other signals related to links and site, determining their ranking.

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“Content is King”

Content is obviously of paramount importance. However, don’t fall into banality: distinguish yourself from your competitors, use different structures, range between topics.

Offer something that other sites don’t have, otherwise no one will give you a link!

HappyTips: use infographics, thesis with animated gifs, delve into case studies, research with data and numbers.

Competitors: enemies-friends

A good strategy is to make “friends” with other writers in your same industry who talk in their blogs about similar topics and who are not your direct competitors. Your goal will be to create a network where reciprocity reigns: create relationships to give and receive backlinks.

HappyTips: if you act on this technique, remember that it is not a simple exchange of links. Also, blogs should not deal with the same topics otherwise there would be a conflict of interest.

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Social and Ads

Underrated but effective.
Post your content on social media, add links from your site to your Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn pages. It is a simple and effective way to increase your traffic reach, the important thing is to be very active, engage your audience and don’t let your profile fall into oblivion.

It is very valuable to harness the power of Meta Ads by creating ads to reach a very specific audience. Your content has to hit the right people, so select your target audience according to the sector in which you operate.

Linkable resources

We link back to one of the first points. Linkable resources are content designed precisely to attract links. An example? Infographics are very valuable as they present content in an original, creative way, generate brand awareness and interaction. You can also share them on social media reaching wider audiences.

How to track results?

Obviously it depends on your goals, but there are some metrics to take into account in order to understand whether your strategy is suitable or not.

  • Authority score: high score means beneficial links
  • Ratio between follow and nofollow links: the more follow links you have the better
  • Relevance: if links are coming from sites that have no relation to your industry, better to get rid of them
  • Unique referring domains: getting backlinks from several high-quality sites is better than getting multiple backlinks from one domain

There are various online platforms that generate reports with one click to help you get a complete analysis of your site’s performance. All you have to do is get started!

Make friends, publish on social media, post links, create unique content. It’s all clear, isn’t it? If you have already forgotten half of the things you should be doing, don’t worry, you can re-read our article as often as you like. You’ll do great!