In order to let your business grow you need to make the right moves and make the most of all the resources at your disposal, Instagram is one of them.

This social platform will enable you to reach a vast number of potential customers by allowing you to build your audience through community building.

Are you wondering if this is really a necessary step? Absolutely. It will help you build trust in your company, a long and not at all easy process, but it will be worth it.

As always, proceeding blindly is not advisable, so if you are undecided on what the first move is, just follow us, we will guide you step by step.

Creation of the community

We are going to adopt the technique of the knock-back. The things to be done are not just a few, but we have outlined them briefly below.

Quality content. You must always tickle the interest of your followers, the content you create must therefore be visually appealing and qualitatively valuable.

Hashtags. Take care to select the right ones that will allow you to reach a wider audience. Select those most relevant to the content you are posting to ensure that users interested in that topic read it.

due ragazze si scambiano consigli su come creare community di valore su Instagram

Geolocation tags. A particularly good feature if you have a business since it will allow you to reach local customers.

Shortcut. Some sites allow you to buy 10,000 Instagram followers. This is certainly an extreme but viable option provided you are aware that it is just a number. These followers will in fact not be an active part of your community. It is a strategy to get users who are not familiar with your brand to take an interest in your content, but they may not do so.

Create a dense network of friendships. Interact with other users, commenting and liking other profiles’ content in order to build relationships and increase your audience accordingly.

Paid advertising. Use paid advertisements to promote your content or products and more effectively reach users who are not yet following your page.

Forge partnerships with other brands. You can also tap into their user base.

Instagram Stories. Use this feature to tell your brand’s story, post product updates, make time-based offers and engage with your audience.

Embrace your community. Organise an event or meetup: these are great opportunities to meet your audience in person, strengthening the bond with loyal customers and, why not, allowing you to find new ones.

una ragazza mentre di scatta un selfie

Monetising with Instagram

If you sow… you reap and hard work pays off. So many proverbs to say that the effort put in beforehand will bear fruit and will not have been in vain.
Once you have built up your community, you can start thinking about strategies to monetise with Instagram, so you should aim to increase traffic to your website, e-commerce and online store.

Sponsored posts and influencer marketing. With sponsored posts you can promote your products or services on the platform. Use partnerships with influencers or other brands to create sponsored content in which you present your products to reach a wider audience.

HappyTips: remember that for this content, sponsorship tags are required, it must be clear that it is #adv advertising.

Ads. With adv campaigns you can promote your services or products in a creative and engaging way by inserting photos, videos, carousels. Aiming at audiovisuals always proves to be a winning move.

Stories. Add links to your Stories that refer to the content you have published to make the user navigate further on the feed and bring traffic to your website.

Shoppable post. This will be useful if you own an ecommerce store, through shoppable posts you can sell products directly on Instagram, the user can buy the product without ever leaving the app. Convenient, fast and effective!

una donna mentre spiega come monetizzare su Instagram attraverso la propria community

Instagram Live. A function that will allow you to connect with your followers in real time. You will be able to show your products, answer questions and further strengthen the bond with your community.

Use competitions and giveaways. You will get the user more involved and lead them to buy the same promoted products or services, either through ecommerce or social.

Instagram insights. You will have access to fundamental and extremely useful information that will help you improve your content strategy and editorial plan. That is, you will have data that will show you how well your content is performing, the degree of interaction and you will be able to monitor performance.

Call to Action (CTA). Use CTAs to encourage the user to take a desired action such as going to your website or buying a product.
Include them in posts or Stories to drive more users to your website.

These are processes that require energy, patience and perseverance, the results will not be immediate so don’t get down and give up.
Stay active on Instagram, post regularly and interact with your community.
Invest some advertising budget if you can, this will allow you to get new customers every day and grow your business faster.