In a few days, you will also be able to download the Google Play Store to your iPhone!
A real revolution for Apple, which has always relied on its App Store. What is this change of direction due to? As with so many other innovations, once again it is the need to comply with the Digital Markets Act, which will come into force in March.
The possibility of downloading the Google Play Store will only be given to users in possession of the iOS 17.4 update, and it will be possible to download all third-party apps.


Google once again relies on artificial intelligence and announces Lumiere, a tool with the ability to generate videos from text and images. Even the most inexperienced users will be able to create visual content creatively and easily.

As was the case with Whatsapp, in a few months it will also be possible to edit messages already sent on Google Messages.

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While Meta plans to reduce the visibility of politically themed content, Fact-Checking, the source verification to combat disinformation and fake news, is also coming to Threads.

In addition, automatic sharing tests have been tested on Facebook and Threads, Meta is about to include cross-posting between the two socials on iOS devices.


A piece of news that has been in the air for some time is the recent announcement by Meta that it will start tagging images created with artificial intelligence on the social platforms of Facebook, Instagram and Threads.


The relationship between social platforms and record labels is not an idyllic one, as we have seen from what happened between Meta and SIAE last year.
After days of negotiations to renew licensing agreements, no common ground was found between TikTok and Universal Music Group (UMG), which officially started to remove the music catalogues of represented artists from the social platform. We are not talking about the entire music catalogue, but it remains a blow for a platform founded on video and music, what will happen now?

foto di un video pubblicato su TikTok di una musicista mentre suona la pianola


A function that we have all been waiting for ages, will save us time by managing content directly on Instagram, without having to use secondary apps.
This is the Preview function, already active for reels. A button that will be introduced in the process of publishing content and that will allow us to have a preview of our profile grid with the post we are about to publish.

Instagram is also experimenting with a new carousel function within reels, users will then be able to combine multiple videos and images together.


Keyword: interoperability. By now, all platforms are moving to comply with the Digital Market Act. The demand is to open up Whatsapp to receive and send messages from other apps such as Signal, iMessage, Messenger, etc. It would work in the same way as for mailboxes, all of course without compromising the privacy and security of users’ data.
More updates are expected in the coming months!

Extra news: the platform is working on the introduction of new security features for Whatsapp with chat pins.

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YouTube customised its viewing on CTV (Connected TV) by introducing a channel layout optimised for TV viewing.