We have often talked about how to optimise your newsletter campaigns to increase loyalty and conversion. Today, however, we want to go deeper and shed light on one of the most basic and perhaps one of the most critical aspects: email design. The beating heart of every campaign.

We live in a world where we are constantly overwhelmed by information and your audience does not always have time to carefully read hundreds of newsletters. That is why you need to find solutions that allow you to get the right message across quickly and just as effectively.

We have created a short guide with the main tips and trends for 2024.

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What are the key elements of Email Design?

#1 Copy

Content is King. Sure, but with a few little tricks:

  • avoid walls of text and use multi-layered headlines
  • create a consistent alignment
  • use central alignment for headlines, but not for text
  • yes to decorative fonts (but in small doses)
  • add visual elements such as images, icons, emoji and videos (remember, however, that some boxes cannot reproduce them)

#2 Structure

Without it, your email design will fail. Here are some tips:

  • visually separate the layout divisions so that the header, middle and footer are easily visible
  • always use the heading to show branding, links to the browser version and the menu
  • use the footer for contact information, useful links, social icons and the option to unsubscribe from communications
  • use a columnar layout: better readability and adaptability on various devices
  • alternate text and visual elements to present information in a clean and organised way
  • yes to white space to let it breathe but make sure the amount of white creates harmony and balance

#3 Heading

When it comes to readability, the simpler the content the better. Therefore, avoid using too many colours, different fonts or decorative elements.

Headings are essential as they divide the reading flow and create visual focal points that people can quickly grasp.

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#4 Link e CTA

Links should not be redundant or overly decorative but should stand out from the reading stream and be easily accessible.

As for our beloved (or perhaps hated) call-to-actions, you must think of them as magnets that attract attention and lead the user to the landing pages. Therefore, they must be highly visible, immediate and consistent with the rest of the textual and visual content.

#5 Visual elements

Images, illustrations, patterns, textures, icons, gifs and emoji engage users, hold their attention and interest. Here are some tips:

  • find a balance between visual elements and text, use them to
  • support the content
  • use quality images
  • create customised images or icons to add character

Happytips: remember the importance of colours in psychology, it’s easy to take advantage of this in email design, if you want to learn more read our dedicated article.

#6 Typography

Typography can be very useful for email design, it has a significant influence on the aesthetics, user experience and readability of a space. However, it can be a double-edged sword, but here’s how to avoid it:

  • use sans serif fonts for long texts and customised fonts for headings
  • use decorative fonts only if the font size allows readability
  • pay attention to size and balance between body and header
  • use spaces between lines 1.5 times larger than the font size
  • do not mix more than two fonts (one for headings and one for the body of the text)

Happytips: you can possibly add a third font to give a festive touch to your email design for holidays or upcoming occasions.

#7 Brand identity

Don’t forget that the design of your email can and should make use of your brand elements, like typefaces, slogans, colours and especially the logo.

TREND 2024

This is an overview of the main tips for creating an effective design, but what are the trends for the new year?

Animated gifs

Users are constantly researching different experiences and interactive and gif are an excellent solution to this requirement: entertain readers, strengthen statements and are very easy to find or create.

esempio di newsletter


A trend that has finally reached email design as well as website design.
The aim is to engage the audience and encourage interaction with the help of CSS animations, hotspots, switches that change the design and improve the user experience.

Email AMP

A growing trend that promises an exciting user experience within the inbox.
AMP for email (Accelerate Mobile Pages) is the evolution of dynamic web pages, a project that Google has also released on Gmail. The idea behind it is to give a boost to the user experience with one of the most used digital tools, email.

With the AMP format, emails can contain interactive elements, image sequences and keep the content up-to-date. On the other hand, users can interact with these elements e.g. by filling out forms, without leaving the inbox.

A new world for email marketing, which we will explore in one of our next articles 😉