Goodbye Youtube for Kids! Google recently announced that Youtube Kids will be gradually integrated into the main app. Also the recommendations are changing, as the platform has decided to no longer show recommended videos to users who are not logged in.


The possibility of saving posts has finally been activated on Threads, as the platform has extended the new Save function to all users.

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Meta is testing the new Friend Map thanks to that users will be able to share their location. Inspired by Snapchat’s SnapMap, it will be possible to share one’s location in real time with all followers or close friends. If you opt for Ghost mode, you can choose not to share it at all, as the name suggests.


A month full of news for Google! Avatars arrive in Google Chat: a new feature for participants in group conversations.

While on the one hand temporarily blocking the production of images of people through Gemini, on the other hand Big G is announcing new functions that enable the development of high-quality assets in Performance-Max Ads campaigns thanks to AI.


LinkedIn implemented AI recruiting by implementing and activating new features in the Recruiter tool. It also announced Next Role Explorer for career development and internal mobility. In addition, the company is making 250 courses for the development of artificial intelligence skills free of charge until 5 April. In case you want to take advantage of some courses, the time is now!

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WhatsApp is testing a pop-out chat feature with the latest beta update for the Windows version. A separate window will be created for chats and they will be resizable, as is already the case with other applications.

The big news of the last week is the new feature that allows audio messages to be transcribed, below the voice note, generating a text in the desired language. The function will soon be available on all devices.


The transformation of X into a super app continues with the introduction of job listings, money transfers, video calling and more. The extension of X’s calling and video functions for all users was also announced.

Let’s say goodbye to Like on the platform instead. Elon Musk is in fact planning to remove the ability to reply, like and share posts displayed in the feed.

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Instagram is set to launch a big new feature, namely sharing carousels by adding up to 20 photos (or videos). According to some users, this will be a bit of a forced feature, not least because the attention threshold for content is getting lower by the day. And what do you think of this new feature? We just have to try it out with the next updates!