Meta recently introduced an advanced targeting strategy aimed at users who have not yet made a purchase. This new option, included in Advantage+ shopping campaigns, allows targeting those who show interest in the products or services offered but have not yet made a purchase. These “engaged customers,” represent a segment of the audience that has expressed interest but has not yet converted to purchases.


TikTok is about to launch Notes, a new app dedicated exclusively to photo sharing, much like what Instagram was in its early days.
It seems that Meta and TikTok are really going out of their way to always offer something new to their users: while TikTok is about to launch a photo sharing app, Facebook has just unveiled its vertical video player. Won’t these innovations create too much confusion among users?

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Bad news is coming for TikTok Lite, an app available in France and Spain, which Europe says has violated Digital Services Act obligations and could be addictive in children in particular.
Basically, TikTok Lite provides rewards (not cash) that can be redeemed for Amazon vouchers or PayPal gift cards or even donated to creators, to users who accomplish more activities on the platform.

The Chinese app’s response was not long in coming, and it immediately provided the European Commission with the selection on risk assessment, pointing out that the app is not available to minors and that there is a daily limit of 60 to 85 minutes for watching videos.


Small backtrack on X’s blue checkmark. In fact, the social network goes back to automatically assigning the blue tick to accounts with more than 2,500 verified followers. These profiles will get free Premium services while those with over 5 thousand will get Premium+.


Spotify is developing a remix feature that will allow users to personalize songs. The inspiration comes from the huge success of remixes on TikTok where, however, many unofficial remixes may infringe copyright. Instead, Spotify promises that its tools will guarantee royalty payments to rights holders, opening up a new source of revenue for artists and labels.

It doesn’t end there: a new feature in the app will allow users to create themed playlists via AI by simply giving an input of what we want to listen to.


Is considering introducing a paid model for some advanced artificial intelligence features in search.
Google is also testing a new filter called, “Short Videos,” in mobile search to keep up with the great popularity of these forms.


LinkedIn introduces a verification badge for recruiters to combat scams on the platform. LinkedIn Recruiter users will be able to confirm their identity through a process similar to ID verification for regular users, ensuring recognition of legitimacy. This innovation will protect both recruiters and job seekers from spam and scams.


Whatsapp is experimenting with AI-based image editing tools: users will be able to take advantage of features such as Backdrop, Restyle, and Expand, allowing them to make sophisticated changes such as changing the background, applying visual effects, and enlarging images, via text-based prompts.

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Meta introduces direct messages on Threads, allowing users to send and receive messages. Messages will not be handled by a dedicated inbox but sent to the Instagram inbox, maintaining a connection between the two apps.