Google recently revealed the integration of Gemini models based on artificial intelligence. This strategic shift is set to revolutionize advertisers’ approach to reaching their target audience more effectively and efficiently.

The news, released through Google’s official blog, promises to transform the way companies can optimize the performance of their online advertising campaigns. Let’s see what it’s all about!

What is Performance Max?

Performance Max is a Google advertising solution that allows advertisers to take advantage of Google’s machine learning to optimize their advertising campaigns across all channels and devices available in Google’s network. This includes YouTube, Google Ads, display networks, and more. The goal is to maximize performance by optimizing conversions and the value of conversions.

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The idea behind it

What determines the effectiveness of an ad? It is essential to have at one’s disposal a wide range of creative assets, designed to respond effectively to the various needs of users. The new functionalities offered by Google, enhanced by the Gemini model, make it possible to develop higher quality assets, significantly improving the impact and resonance of ads with the target audience.


Gemini models represent a qualitative leap from their predecessors, offering a more personalized and impactful user experience. Through advanced use of machine learning, these models not only better understand users’ intentions, but are also able to more accurately predict their future actions.

Performance Max can now generate long headlines, and soon will come sitelinks and lifestyle images with people in motion, using the sophisticated reasoning capabilities of Gemini and Imagen 2.

What else? It will be possible to generate new backgrounds and similar options to existing images.
All while maintaining full control by advertisers, who will be able to review creative content proposals and choose whether or not to use them.

Greater personalisation

With a deeper understanding of user behavior, Gemini models can personalize advertisements in a more specific way, improving the engagement and relevance of campaigns.

Real-time optimisation

Another key benefit of Gemini is the ability to automatically optimize ad offers based on past performance and future predictions. This means advertisers can achieve better results with less effort, freeing up time and resources to focus on other activities crucial to the success of their business.

Multi-channel integration

Gemini models enhance Performance Max’s holistic approach, optimizing performance across multiple channels in a more consistent and unified way.

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With the introduction of Gemini models in Performance Max, Google takes a major step forward in the evolution of digital marketing. This innovation not only offers advertisers greater flexibility and precision in campaign management, but also significantly improves the effectiveness of online advertising strategies, confirming Google’s commitment to supporting success in the competitive world of digital marketing.