Web Marketing

Lead Generation: 6 mistakes to avoid

Often in the lead generation you make some mistakes that can penalize you. Find out which are the most common, so you can avoid them!

How to optimize a newsletter

Email marketing is a very useful tool for communicating news and promotions to your audience, but are you sure you are sending optimized newsletters? Find out here.

European PEC becomes reality

Finally there will be a PEC valid throughout Europe for citizens, companies and public administrations.

The effectiveness of neuromarketing

Marketing and science have found their meeting point in neuromarketing, the discipline that deals with predicting and influencing a consumer's behavior.

Live chat vs Call

The customer experience is an important aspect of online sales and among the new trends we find live chat and calls. Find out which is the most suitable for your business!

7 Social Media trends for 2023

This is our list of must-haves for your social activities in 2023. Trust and authenticity are the keywords to conquer your consumer!

Conversion Rate-Check!

It's time for a check-up for your campaigns! Find out the updated CPC, CPA and CTR of Meta and Google ADS after the arrival of iOS14.

Whatsapp Business Catalogue

How to sell products directly from a chat? Whatsapp Business will help you! From a simple communication channel, it is turning into a real online sales one!

Algorithm no stress!

How do the major platform's algorithms work? Find out in this article.

Marketing on Tik Tok

Scopri come funziona il mondo di TikTok e come usarlo per far crescere il tuo brand!

How to handle your e-commerce return

Handling the returns has become one of the most important ways to keep high the quality of your e-commerce. Find out everything on ours article!

Black Friday

Also this year it's Black Friday time! Get ready with this guide to better manage your promotions.

Inbound & outbound marketing

Inbound e outbound marketing: everything you need to know to find the perfect strategy!

Brand that change their looks: top and flops

Take note from big brand that took the risk before you and become the best!

Trigger marketing

Have you ever convinced your customers about something just with the power of a message? Find out how, using the Trigger Marketing.

Sales promotions that are infallible

In this sea of e-commerce, how can we encourage users to buy from us? We give you some ideas in this article!

Analysis of Competitors

With this article you will take your business to another level thanks to the analysis of competitors

It’s Social Proof!

The social proof is really important for a brand's online reputation. In this article you'll find lots of useful informations and tips!


Meet AdMod, Google’s revenue-generating platform for ads in your app.

Up, down & cross

All the useful information to apply up, down and cross selling techniques to your business!


Google news: welcome to GA4! In this article you will find everything you need to know about the new Analytics.

Funnel Marketing

If we wanted to give a shape to the Customer journey, it would definitely be a funnel! Find out in this article why it is called so.

Food marketing

There are many common points between food and marketing. Read the article to learn more!

Google deletes third-party cookies

Google is going to delete third-party cookies. There will be consequences, read the article to find out!