Digital News

A/B Test on mobile apps

What is an A/B test? Why is it so useful to us? How is an A/B test done? This and much more in our article.

Digital News November

All the Digital News of the month of November in a nutshell so you don't miss a single one!
From Facebook to Instagram to TikTok here's what happened!

Rebranding: everyone needs a refresh!

What is a rebranding? Have you ever rebranded your company?
Discover the best of 2021 .. starting from Facebook!

Digital News October

Facebook Smart Glasses, Instagram Maps, LinkedIn Dark Mode and much more! Discover the October Digital News!

Digital News September

The latest news about Instagram, Facebook Horizon Workrooms, TikTok & Shopify, Youtube Theatre and Spotify! Find out the September digital news!

Digital News August

All updates about Instagram, TikTok with Sparks ADS, YouTube with Super Thanks and ClubHouse. Read now our August digital news!

Google Starline

During the I/O conference of this year, Google presented Project Starline, a technology that could be the revolution of current video chats.

Digital News July

Instagram Creator Week, Twitter Blue, TikTok recruiting and Shopping List onPinterest! Read July digital news!


The first Digital Edition of the N-Conference organized by the Ninja Academy: future, technology and innovation.

CRM evolution

How is customer service changing? What news will we see in the next years? Let's try to predict the future and evolutions of CRM!

Google Lens and image search

A personal visual assistant who can provide information on everything you see. Shoot an object or a product and discover all its details on Google Lens.

About Clubhouse

What Clubhouse is and how it works: guide to registration, invitations and use of the social network based only on audio files.

Sky Ads Manager

The innovative advertising planning system that allows agencies and individuals to plan advertising campaigns on Sky channels.

Google Tables

Improve your team’s productivity and management with this brand new Google tool.

Instagram Reels

Create multi-clips on Instagram, even in succession, with added audio and effects. Does it maybe remind you of Tik Tok?!

Facebook Creative Hub

Creative Hub is Facebook’s platform for ad creativity. Experiment, share and test your next ads!

Scalapay: the innovation you didn’t expect!

Buy online and pay in installments at no cost? From today it's possible with Scalapay.

Google Predictive Metrics

Da oggi puoi predire la probabilità di acquisto e di abbandono del tuo sito. Che cosa aspetti a creare il tuo pubblico personalizzato?

TikTok ADS

Learn how to create your first Tiktok campaign and all the features available on the new platform most loved by teens.

Social E-commerce

Facebook Shop will allow companies to sell products and services directly from Facebook pages or Instagram profiles. It is currently in beta testing, but we can't wait to give it a try!

Let’s discover Google Optimize!

Google Optimize is Google’s new tool for experimenting on your site, creating A/B tests and much more. All for free and without being a code expert!

Facebook Creator Studio

A new free platform for Social Media Managers, with a super news: the scheduling of Instagram posts!

Quarantine hobbies

You no longer know how to spend your days at home? Our tips will make your day.

Smart Working

The Coronavirus emergency forces you to reorganize yourself with agile work practices. Discover the tools to manage your employees remotely.