TikTok Shop, stress-free shopping

Introducing our guide of tips and best practices for creating a winning strategy with Instagram Ads. Success is guaranteed!

ragazza felice degli acquisti fatti online grazie a Pinterest Shop

Passare dall’ispirazione all’acquisto con Pinterest Shop

Pinterest shop è la combo perfetta tra ispirazione e acquisti online. Una funzione che ti consente di trasformare in realtà i desideri che la piattaforma ha ispirato!

Giving value to your sales by leveraging the power of social

Sales, big opportunities, big bargains, but what are the most effective channels to use?

due ragazze fanno shopping online con lo smartphone

Google Virtual Try-On

A new Google tool using generative AI will help us make safer and more informed purchases.

The top AI tools for your business

Here are the top tools based on artificial intelligence that will improve your business!

The effectiveness of neuromarketing

Marketing and science have found their meeting point in neuromarketing, the discipline that deals with predicting and influencing a consumer's behavior.

The importance of product packaging

How important is the packaging of a product? Find out which elements to enhance to increase the communicative power of this aspect.

brand inclusivi

Inclusive Brands

Today we talk about inclusive brands and their iconic initiatives that give life to online and offline trends.

Inbound & outbound marketing

Inbound e outbound marketing: everything you need to know to find the perfect strategy!

Brand that change their looks: top and flops

Take note from big brand that took the risk before you and become the best!

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is not just the use of innovative technology! Find out everything you need to know in this article!

New emerging technologies

We have collected the main emerging technologies that will be the protagonists of the coming months!

Content Creator

The hottest work of the moment: the Content Creator. But basically, what does it really do? Find out here!

Let’s go Green!

Sustainability is now a matter of fundamental importance. Find out how some of our customers respond to this hot topic!


From SEO to Gen Z, all the News in the Digital and Marketing field. Find out here the best tips for your business!


The first Digital Edition of the N-Conference organized by the Ninja Academy: future, technology and innovation.

Google Lens and image search

A personal visual assistant who can provide information on everything you see. Shoot an object or a product and discover all its details on Google Lens.

Scalapay: the innovation you didn’t expect!

Buy online and pay in installments at no cost? From today it's possible with Scalapay.

Retail: post lockdown guidelines

One of the first consequences of the COVID19 lockdown is an important change in our consumption habits. How will retail adapt?

Quarantine hobbies

You no longer know how to spend your days at home? Our tips will make your day.

Smart Working

The Coronavirus emergency forces you to reorganize yourself with agile work practices. Discover the tools to manage your employees remotely.

Verona Monopoly minute by minute

The story of all the social media activities and p.r. for the promotion of the game in box Monopoly Verona and the photos of the event exclusively.

Monopoly Verona… We’re almost there!

Just a few days to the official launch during which we will cover together the board of this special edition of the most famous game in the world.

Ecology and environment, solutions for big companies

Many companies, to reduce the problem of pollution, have created advertising campaigns following environmental ethics and sustainability.