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SEO TREND for 2024

Are you up to date with the SEO trends of 2024? Let's talk about Search Generative Experience (SGE), Voice Search and Topical Authority. In this article we will understand what these are and how you can make the most of the New Year's Trends to optimise your website ranking.

Augmented reality in online shopping

If you have an online shop, augmented reality could be right for you! Find out how in this article.

Live chat vs Call

The customer experience is an important aspect of online sales and among the new trends we find live chat and calls. Find out which is the most suitable for your business!

7 Social Media trends for 2023

This is our list of must-haves for your social activities in 2023. Trust and authenticity are the keywords to conquer your consumer!

Black Friday

Also this year it's Black Friday time! Get ready with this guide to better manage your promotions.

brand inclusivi

Inclusive Brands

Today we talk about inclusive brands and their iconic initiatives that give life to online and offline trends.

Inbound & outbound marketing

Inbound e outbound marketing: everything you need to know to find the perfect strategy!

Brand that change their looks: top and flops

Take note from big brand that took the risk before you and become the best!

Google deletes third-party cookies

Google is going to delete third-party cookies. There will be consequences, read the article to find out!

2022 Web Design and UI Trends

Let's discover the trends of 2022 in Web Design: minimalist style, essence of content and focus on emotional involvement.

2021’ s trends that will influence also 2022

Discover the new marketing trends and our tips to best meet the needs of your customers

Google Lens and image search

A personal visual assistant who can provide information on everything you see. Shoot an object or a product and discover all its details on Google Lens.

About Clubhouse

What Clubhouse is and how it works: guide to registration, invitations and use of the social network based only on audio files.

Web Design Trends 2021

Adios 2020, welcome 2021. Let’s discover together all the trends that the new year reserves for us in Web Design.

Instagram Reels

Create multi-clips on Instagram, even in succession, with added audio and effects. Does it maybe remind you of Tik Tok?!

Scalapay: the innovation you didn’t expect!

Buy online and pay in installments at no cost? From today it's possible with Scalapay.

Google Predictive Metrics

From today you can predict the probability of buying and abandoning your site. What are you waiting for? Let's create your customized audience!

TikTok ADS

Learn how to create your first Tiktok campaign and all the features available on the new platform most loved by teens.

Web Design Trends 2020

What will be the web trends for 2020? Here are some tips to create layouts perfectly in line with a new decade!

Contest Marketing

Contests are an effective method to involve the user, but they are regulated by a very complex legislation. Discover the differences between the various platforms!

Ecology and environment, solutions for big companies

Many companies, to reduce the problem of pollution, have created advertising campaigns following environmental ethics and sustainability.

Generation Z

How to communicate with a constantly connected generation that live its everyday life with digital devices and online platforms?

London Stock Exchange honors Nivaura

Funding for a blockchain technology-based platform that can change the financial market.


Many companies have studied and implemented specific marketing solutions that involve these devices.