ragazzo controlla su mobile il suo sito web

How to create a mobile-friendly website

Designing a mobile-friendly website? We have gathered here all the details that usually tend to be left out and the mistakes that should absolutely be avoided.

ragazza felice degli acquisti fatti online grazie a Pinterest Shop

Move from inspiration to purchase with Pinterest Shop

Pinterest shop is the perfect combo of inspiration and online shopping. A feature that allows you to turn the desires the platform has inspired into reality!

August Digital News

Finally the search bar arrives in stories and more privacy features on Instagram, Meta expands with Web Threads, TikTok launches Shop, not to mention the rebranding of Twitter. So much more news from the digital world awaits you in this article!

repository, deposito virtuale per archivio dati

What a repository is?

Repository faithful ally for all web developers! Better Bitbucket or GitHub? Learn how they work in a few simple words and decide which is the best way to organize your project.

Giving value to your sales by leveraging the power of social

Sales, big opportunities, big bargains, but what are the most effective channels to use?

digital news luglio

July Digital News

Meta verified is also available in Italy, Instagram announces Threads, Twitter, TikTok launches Youth Council, and Google "Bard" has new features. Many other news awaits for you in our article!

ragazza con computer soddisfatta del suo sito web

7 Must-have for web design

Discover with us 7 key points in order to avoid mistakes while building a website

due ragazze fanno shopping online con lo smartphone

Google Virtual Try-On

This new Google tool, using generative AI, will help us make safer and more informed purchases.

June Digital News

Our June Digital News has arrived! Best of: Google reveals a new function to try on clothing on different body types, sizes and skin tones.

The top AI tools for your business

Here are the top tools based on artificial intelligence that will improve your business!

How to build ad e-commerce dashboard?

The e-commerce dashboard allows you to have a global view of the most important indicators for your business, find out how to create it!

Marketing strategies with QR code

Have you ever thought about including QR Codes in your marketing strategy? In this article you will find some good reasons to start using them.

What KPI should you measure in marketing? The guide to 2023

Have you ever thought about including QR Codes in your marketing strategy? In this article you will find some good reasons to start using them.

May Digital News

Music is back on Instagram together with gifs in the comments, Whatsapp allows you to edit messages, TikTok invents a new font and help creators monetize. Discover the other news in this article!

Types of videos to increase your ecommerce conversions

A short guide to learn about all the types of videos to use in your online strategy!

How to create a perfect product page

Here you will find some guidelines for creating a product sheet that increases the chances of converting your site visitors.

Lead Generation: 6 mistakes to avoid

Often in the lead generation you make some mistakes that can penalize you. Find out which are the most common, so you can avoid them!

April Digital News

TikTok works with AI, Instagram adds new analytics tools, Meta salted the Creator Studio while WhatsApp introduces channels. Discover all the news of the digital world!

9 customer retention strategies for your e-commerce

Optimize the performance of your e-commerce to offer new customers an excellent shopping experience!

Optimize your landing page

Are your landing pages optimized to the best? Read on to find out all the useful tips on the topic!

Digital News March

The agreement between Meta and the SIAE is skipped and all the music tracks disappear, TikTok introduces an app block for minors, while LinkedIn and Google experiment with AI.

Why prefer WordPress to other CMS

WordPress is among the most used CMS on the web and in this article you'll discover the reasons why it's so appreciated!

How to optimize a newsletter

Email marketing is a very useful tool for communicating news and promotions to your audience, but are you sure you are sending optimized newsletters? Find out here.

European PEC becomes reality

Finally there will be a PEC valid throughout Europe for citizens, companies and public administrations.