Specialized Lawyers Team

A team of serious and reliable lawyers specialized in the field of air navigation law. With Asso Passeggeri, getting a refund for an inconvenience is easier than ever. A free service that allows you to get what you deserve with minimum effort and maximum results.

In this project, we have developed some small restyle tricks, to refresh the image without distorting the identity of the company. The choice of using a brighter color, more similar to the sky, and the simplification of the logo icon certainly contributed to a more modern and dynamic result. Taking on a professional tone and leveraging on qualities such as reliability and competence were the main objectives of our design. Furthermore, it was essential to study a way to facilitate the dynamic on which Assopassegeri was born: the request for assistance to assert the rights of travelers and receive a refund due to an air discomfort.

The project

A flat layout with simple and intuitive navigation, to facilitate the refund request through the form as much as possible. Taking on a professional tone and leveraging the reliability and competence of the team were the other main objectives of our design.