For over 30 years, this company has been committed to create supplements in capsules and liquids for a welfare that’s in harmony with nature. All the plants used for the preparations, come from spontaneous growing and the collection occurs in the natural time of the plant. The result is a fruit of a perfect synthesis between the intuition of the tradition and the optimal results obtained thanks to scientific research.

ClientCento FioriServicesDesign, Sviluppo, Brand & PackagingYear2023Linkwww.cento-fiori.it

The project

After a recent change of property, we’ve been in charge of a real rebranding that has seen us committed to the definition of a new pack of product (liquid labels and cases). After that we dedicated ourselves to the reorganization of some materials of important works for Cento Fiori, such as the product list, the handbook and the brochures of agents.

The design

Everything started from an analysis of the communication materials in use, the new needs and trends of the herbal sector were compared. So we outlined a modern image, based on a minimal approach and used by different pastel and natural colors to differentiate the several lines.

The Academy

One of the strengths of the company is the training activity. Every year Cento Fiori organizes different courses dedicated to intrinsic characteristics of the plants, to their beneficial properties and possible use.

We have therefore provided a platform specifically designed to manage enrollments and which will soon host a real online academy. And to better communicate all appointments, we have also activated Mail2go, our software for sending newsletters!

In the company’s website, completely redesigned, we left space to nature! With pictures and icons that make it even more emotional. The gallery section collects images and videos that we made to represent better all the productive processes of the company. For the products a double navigation: by line and by need to simplify the search in a catalog that has over 900 references!

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