Should a shoe be ethical and sustainable? The answer is… Clewoo, a company that has been using leather, cotton, felt and wood since 1975, transforming them as virtuous raw materials for green footwear.
Each item is handcrafted through a conscious choice that looks to the future.
The company has also a concrete commitment with the reforestation of 10,000 new trees each year, to improve the climate, increase the presence of water and show sincere gratitude to the environment.

ClientFalca srlServicesDesign e SviluppoYear2021Linkwww.clewooshoes.it

For Clewoo we have developed an online shop with a super clean and modern design. The concept of nature is present in each section, thanks to the careful choice of images, the use of warm tones that recall the colors of the earth and soft shapes for calls to action.

In designing the layout, we focused our attention on studying and simplifying navigation, research and the purchasing process.

We also support purchases through online promotional campaigns via Google and Facebook ADS and marketing automation systems aimed at remarketing activities.

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