Cogenera is one of the leading companies in the field of executive and construction design of cogeneration and trigeneration plants and large technological plants with the aim of efficiency. It operates nationally by offering the industrial and tertiary sectors technical and innovative solutions aimed at optimizing energy processes and protecting the environment.

ClientCogenera s.r.l.ServicesCreatività, TecnologiaYear2020Linkcogenera.it

The relaunch of Cogenera's corporate identity.

We took care of a 360° restyling, from the brand identity and the development of a new site. We have created a captivating corporate image that reflects Cogenera’s technological and innovative approach.

The icon, developed ad hoc, summarizes the flame, the drop and the leaf in a symbol. A synthesis between the sector to which it belongs and the company vision: district heating plant, hydroelectric turbine and a strong green philosophy.

The same minimalist perspective has been applied to the website, which is of great visual impact but at the same time essential. The focus is on contents, organized in a structured way.
We have developed an interactive map to geolocate the projects carried out by the company and filter them by sector and by type of service.

The keywords that have guided the realization of this project are cleanliness, efficiency and innovation.

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