Energy revolution

How is it possible to build a sustainable future? Efforce takes care of it: a startup that helps virtuous companies to have a lower impact on energy consumption and the environment.
The project was born from the visionary idea of ​​some super professionals, among which Steve Wozniac stands out. Reminds you of something !? Yes, that’s him: the co-founder of Apple! The team also includes Stefano Scozzese, who has always made innovative ideas and creativity a real rule of life.


Dark mode on the go

The layout was entirely curated by Stefano Scozzese, who for this project chose a hyper-modern dark mode, perfectly enhanced by the explosions of pure energy of the fluo call to action. The style is minimal with bold, large typography and a mobile first approach.
Animations, fluid and well distributed, alternate with videos perfectly integrated into the contents of the page.

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