The challenge

Mobile first. This is the main objective of the restyle of the company website. All sections are fully responsive, designed to adapt to the resolution of all devices. The contents have been reorganized to make navigation easier for users on smartphones.

The result

The goal was achieved with the unification of some sections and the revision of the menu items, as well as a fixed band at the foot of the page that guides the user through the sections in evidence. Institutional colors were used to strengthen the brand identity and capture the user’s attention where necessary. The colored icons were also chosen to make the layout more interesting from an aesthetic point of view and to increase the effectiveness of the message transmitted.


The dynamic page structure is designed to be effective over the long term.
The layouts created are therefore able to accommodate a large number of contents, while maintaining easy consultation. A search, a filter by year and pagination has also been integrated into the archive pages.


The agents area was also created on the Europe Energy site, a password-protected digital platform that allows you to share documents and pdfs. In this way the sales network has at its disposal all the material necessary for their commercial activity. Europe Energy’s mission is to always be one step ahead of its competitors: this collaboration is a big step for the company’s digital growth.