Funaro Sonnino

The law firm, founded by Bruno Funaro and Angelo Sonnino, is based in Rome and the team consists of a group of young professionals united by the desire to bring innovation and changes in this sector.
A real legal start-up, equipped with the most modern tech tools and with a proactive and dynamic approach in which smart technologies are encouraged, simple and fast, while maintaining quality and effectiveness.
The firm offers support to its customers for the green transition, with solutions, advantages and specific plans of environmental Due Diligence. It’s also the first in Italy to be completely carbon neutral and is attentive to the hot issues of our society, environmental and socio-political, actively seeking a solution to these problems.

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Not the usual website for a law firm. From the beginning it’s clear the will to have a result that also visually reflects the modern approach and in some revolutionary measure of this Roman reality.
The layout is in “dark mode” with a game of monochrome on the institutional color of blue. The structure is simple and intuitive, with the key information needed to communicate the green vision of the customer.
The backend is designed for an autonomous management of all content in two languages such as news, a valuable section to communicate the news in the sector in which the law firm operates.

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