Innovation & Tradition

The Mosconi real estate agency has transformed the old concept of agency into a reality in step with the new demands of the market. Achieving the best result is a company policy that is implemented with meticulous attention to the customer from the first contact to the negotiation, from the bureaucratic formalities to the conclusion of the deal.

The management

We have digitized Mosconi's values in the development of a custom made management software for the management of real estate ads, appointments and tracking of requests. The platform also includes a section dedicated to the owner to monitor the activities carried out by the agency in real time.
We focused on features developed specifically for the user, to ensure a tool that combines ease of use with a high technological level in terms of performance.

The site

The layout is minimal and clean for user-friendly navigation without distractions.
The property sheets have been designed to convey all the information of interest in a clear and direct form, with great attention to the images.
Frequent calls to action to requests for information convey confidence to potential customers. The customer care does not end there, we have also integrated the possibility for users, in case there is no property they are looking for, to save their preferences. The system regularly checks and if new properties match the preferences, it sends a notification.

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