Treccani Futura

Ci sono molti modi per cambiare il mondo.
Impactscool ha scelto di farlo attraverso l’educazione sull’innovazione, sulle tecnologie e sul futuro. L’obiettivo principale di questa realtà è di diffondere la consapevolezza dell’impatto che le innovazioni e le tecnologie esponenziali come robotica, biotecnologie, intelligenza artificiale, stampa 3D, nanotecnolodie e blockchain stanno avendo e avranno sul mondo come lo conosciamo.

ClientTreccani Futura SrlServicesCreatività, E-commerce, Strategia, TecnologiaYearAgosto 2018Linktreccanifutura.it

The part dedicated to the events, heart and lymph of the Futura Treccani project, was created on the basis of specific needs starting from the search through filters, up to the detail page with countdown, in-depth tab and call to action to book your seat in the classroom.

For each event, after entering a secret code, participants can download, share on social networks or add to their LinkedIn profile, a personalized PDF certificate with personal data and name of the workshop.

A reserved area has also been provided on the site, which allows access to all collaborators and teachers to downloadable resources made available by the school.
As you can understand the project has been studied in detail to meet all the needs exposed by Futura Treccani.
To allow the autonomous creation of new pages, thanks to a super smart development, templates have been provided that allow you to reproduce entire sections without ever touching the code.
We have thus achieved the goal of developing a super functional platform with which the customer can act in full autonomy.

The contagious energy of this reality was the fuel for the realization of this project. If for Futura Treccani the future is built together, the synergy that has been created with their reality ensures that we have actively participated in the change and in the creation of a new future.

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