Valore Italia

The beating heart of Valore Italia is the Botticino Restoration School, one of the first at the national level. A place of dynamic, innovative and experimental training, where it’s possible to study new methods of restoration, conservation and enhancement of the Cultural Heritage.
The school offers several options: the restoration course Botticino, one of the most prestigious for our national territory and the Master Classes with dedicated thematic paths and special attention to the theme of innovation and circular economy. The Superlab offer is concluded by the new, constantly evolving online platform in which new-generation professionalism takes shape.
Valore Italia can also count on important partners, such as the competent Ministries of University and Research (Miur) and Culture (MIC), the Lombardy Region and the City of Milan.

ClientValore Italia
Impresa Sociale srl
ServicesDesign e SviluppoYear2021Linkvaloreitalia-is.it

The works of art come to life through a dynamic site, with a layout that reinterprets in a modern key the classicism of the school. Colors, shapes and images are used to enhance the projects and activities of the institute. The entire training offer is clearly presented with several pages of in-depth analysis.
It also houses an e-learning platform within which you can follow courses, download handouts and interact with teachers. It’s a real online community, where students can meet and exchange knowledge of culture and art.
Welcome to Training 2.0!

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