GDPR Compliance


On 10/01/2022 the cookie policy imposed by the new European GDPR will come into effect definitively.
By that date, if your headquarters are in Italy, you have to following some new rules to avoid penalties!
If you don’t want to worry, buy the service and forget about it!
The validity of the product is annual, so there is an automatic renewal upon expiry.

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Cookies page
An information section that illustrates to the visitor a detailed list of the cookies in use on your site and how to disable them or request their cancellation. This page must always be updated over time in case of removal or addition of new traces.

Cookie Banner
It must be present on your site and contain a brief information, the buttons accept and reject a link to the cookie policy (with equal weight and appearance). It must also provide for the possibility of customizing the choice of cookies to be installed based on the category to which they belong.
The user must be able to change his consent at any time.

Consent collection
Tacit consent is no longer permitted in the event of browsing other pages of the site or scrolling. It will also be necessary to demonstrate that you have obtained consent from users, thus tracking their preferences for 6 months.

Preventive cookie blocking
All cookies must be blocked until the explicit consent of the users.
The only exception is made up of technical cookies (e.g. session cookies to keep the user logged in or store items added for purchase in the cart) and statistical cookies. In the latter case, however, if it concerns third-party cookies (eg Google Analytics) it will be necessary to take some precautions such as anonymizing the user’s IP.

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