May Digital News

From new sharing features to improvements in the user experience, here's what's new in the social and digital world!

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April Digital News

An April loaded with news from the digital world: Whatsapp, Spotify, Meta, Threads and all the news of the moment are waiting for you in this article!

March Digital News

Spring brings with it numerous news in the digital world: Meta tests the new Friend Map, Threads launches the Save function, X becomes more comprehensive, LinkedIn implements AI. Much more awaits you!

February Digital News

Google Play Store also arrives on the iPhone, Google launches Lumiere while Meta announces labels on images created with AI. There is also news for Instagram, Whatsapp, TikTok, and more!

January Digital News

The first news of the year is here! Instragram is at work with new tools, LinkedIn tests new formats for videos, X and Google go hand in hand with AI. Much more news awaits you in our article!

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December Digital News

The whole web is abuzz with the arrival of X's new rival: Threads. But this is not the only news: Instagram tests My Week, YouTube adds the For You Page and Google launches Gemini. 2023 closes with a lot of news, discover them in this article!

November Digital News

November's Digital News is here! Real-life TikToks land, new tools for Instagram creators are activated, while X and LinkedIn increasingly leverage AI. Lots more news awaits you in our article!

October Digital News

The protagonist of the latest social news is still AI, it will act as a supportive, creative assistant, recruiter and multilingual translator. How? Read the article to find out!

September Digital News

A September full of news! We have selected the most tempting ones for you: become the star of a talent show with TikTok's Gimme the Mic and make your dreams come to life with Snapchat selfies. Much more is waiting for you!

August Digital News

Finally the search bar arrives in stories and more privacy features on Instagram, Meta expands with Web Threads, TikTok launches Shop, not to mention the rebranding of Twitter. So much more news from the digital world awaits you in this article!

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July Digital News

Meta verified is also available in Italy, Instagram announces Threads, Twitter, TikTok launches Youth Council, and Google "Bard" has new features. Many other news awaits for you in our article!

June Digital News

Our June Digital News has arrived! Best of: Google reveals a new function to try on clothing on different body types, sizes and skin tones.

May Digital News

Music is back on Instagram together with gifs in the comments, Whatsapp allows you to edit messages, TikTok invents a new font and help creators monetize. Discover the other news in this article!

April Digital News

TikTok works with AI, Instagram adds new analytics tools, Meta salted the Creator Studio while WhatsApp introduces channels. Discover all the news of the digital world!

Digital News March

The agreement between Meta and the SIAE is skipped and all the music tracks disappear, TikTok introduces an app block for minors, while LinkedIn and Google experiment with AI.

Digital News February

Instagram studies a new interface and introduces text-mode, TikTok confirms the presence of the heating button, YouTube begins to monetize creators and Twitter takes a step back on the feed.

Digital News January

Instagram studies a new interface and introduces text-mode, TikTok confirms the presence of the heating button, YouTube begins to monetize creators and Twitter takes a step back on the feed.

Digital News December

TikTok adds features to improve the in-app experience, Instagram creates Notes and Group Profile. Snapchat invests in TryOn.

Algorithm no stress!

How do the major platform's algorithms work? Find out in this article.

Digital News November

Instagram launch Glimpse. YouTube is ready for Primetime Channels. TikTok add e-commerce functionalities in USA.

Digital News October

Even this month the web has news. Find them in the article!

Digital News September

The arrival of autumn has brought with it many digital novelties! Discover them all.

Digital News August

We know August it’s been all about relax and having fun, but the web never stops!

Digital News July

Digital news don’t go on holidays! Here are the last month’s news.