il potere del social listening

The Power of Social Listening

Social Listening combined with the use of micro-data will help you draft a foolproof editorial plan and content strategy.

ragazza felice degli acquisti fatti online grazie a Pinterest Shop

Passare dall’ispirazione all’acquisto con Pinterest Shop

Pinterest shop è la combo perfetta tra ispirazione e acquisti online. Una funzione che ti consente di trasformare in realtà i desideri che la piattaforma ha ispirato!

repository, deposito virtuale per archivio dati

What a repository is?

Repository faithful ally for all web developers! Better Bitbucket or GitHub? Learn how they work in a few simple words and decide which is the best way to organize your project.

due ragazze fanno shopping online con lo smartphone

Google Virtual Try-On

A new Google tool using generative AI will help us make safer and more informed purchases.

The top AI tools for your business

Here are the top tools based on artificial intelligence that will improve your business!

Creative tools

Here are the best tools to use to take advantage of your creativity and share it on social.