Web Marketing

It’s Social Proof!

The social proof is really important for a brand's online reputation. In this article you'll find lots of useful informations and tips!


Meet AdMod, Google’s revenue-generating platform for ads in your app.

Up, down & cross

All the useful information to apply up, down and cross selling techniques to your business!

Affiliate Marketing

Is it possible to make money with affiliate marketing? In this article we explain all the steps to sell online using this technique.

Email marketing

Now that there are a thousand ways to communicate online, you might think that email marketing is outdated ... But no! Read the article to find out its best practices.

Real Time Marketing: follow the moment!

Discover the new marketing trends and our tips to best meet the needs of your customers

How Facebook conversions change after iOS 14

What changed after the iOS 14 update? How are the tracking done? How will marketers do after iOS 14 update?

Facebook IQ

Facebook recently introduced a new platform with the aim of helping marketers navigate this ever-developing world.

Think with Google

A platform where you can consult tools, research, statistics and data that can be taken as a starting point for new marketing campaigns.

Phygital Marketing

How to adapt the new buying behaviors with your marketing strategy? Simple, follow our tips!

Influencer Marketing

Looking for the right influencer in the sea of social media is not as simple as it may seem. Read our tips!

LinkedIn Newsletter

The social for professional communities, has introduced a feature that allows to write and send newsletters to subscribers. Curious?

Boost for your E-commerce

Get your fill of tools for your e-commerce. Find out how to optimize payments, acquire new customers and retain users who have already purchased on the shop!

Sky Ads Manager

The innovative advertising planning system that allows agencies and individuals to plan advertising campaigns on Sky channels.

Facebook Library ADS

Want to spy on the ads of your competitor? With this tool you can discover creativity, budget and target of their active ads.

Facebook Creative Hub

Creative Hub is Facebook’s platform for ad creativity. Experiment, share and test your next ads!

Google Predictive Metrics

From today you can predict the probability of buying and abandoning your site. What are you waiting for? Let's create your customized audience!

What about your Facebook Ad campaigns?

Do you want to know if your Facebook ads are working? Compare your industry data with your campaign results and save these helpful tips!

TikTok ADS

Learn how to create your first Tiktok campaign and all the features available on the new platform most loved by teens.

Social E-commerce

Facebook Shop will allow companies to sell products and services directly from Facebook pages or Instagram profiles. It is currently in beta testing, but we can't wait to give it a try!

KPI Guidelines

Learn how to best define Kpis to track your online and offline sales goals.

Why are they leaving your website?

What are the main causes that bring a user to leave a site? There are tools to find it out and different methods to ask it them.

Ads sponsored on the Web

Creating promotions on the web is essential to make your services known or increase the performance of your products. Any advice you can use?

Contest Marketing

Contests are an effective method to involve the user, but they are regulated by a very complex legislation. Discover the differences between the various platforms!