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HTML and CSS in E-mails

We have drawn up a set of guidelines to help you create attractive and efficient e-mails that work on a wide range of e-mail clients.

Google & AI for Performance Max campaigns

Google announces the introduction of Gemini models in Performance max with the goal of improving the effectiveness of online campaigns.

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Google Consent Mode V2: What’s New?

The deadline for implementing Google Consent Mode V2 passed on March 6. What changes for advertisers and users? Let's find out together in the article.

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LEAD GENERATION B2B: how to attract new Customers for your business

Generating new leads is one of the primary goals of every online and offline business. Let us discover some tips for improving your B2B lead generation strategy.

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The Power of Social Listening

Social Listening combined with the use of micro-data will help you draft a foolproof editorial plan and content strategy.

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SEO TREND for 2024

Are you up to date with the SEO trends of 2024? Let's talk about Search Generative Experience (SGE), Voice Search and Topical Authority. In this article we will understand what these are and how you can make the most of the New Year's Trends to optimise your website ranking.

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LINK BUILDING: is it really impossible to get valuable backlinks?

Link building plays a key role in the ranking of a website, but obtaining quality links seems a very difficult task. In this article we shed some light and give you some tips for a winning strategy!

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Shared Hosting, VPS, or Cloud Hosting which one to choose?

In this article we dealt with Hosting: Shared Hosting, VPS, or Cloud Hosting, which one to choose? We analysed in detail what they consist of, highlighting the pros and cons of each.

HTML 5.1

Discover all the news of the latest HTML5 update