May Digital News

Music is back on Instagram together with gifs in the comments, Whatsapp allows you to edit messages, TikTok invents a new font and help creators monetize. Discover the other news in this article!

April Digital News

TikTok works with AI, Instagram adds new analytics tools, Meta salted the Creator Studio while WhatsApp introduces channels. Discover all the news of the digital world!

Digital News February

Instagram studies a new interface and introduces text-mode, TikTok confirms the presence of the heating button, YouTube begins to monetize creators and Twitter takes a step back on the feed.

Whatsapp Business Catalogue

How to sell products directly from a chat? Whatsapp Business will help you! From a simple communication channel, it is turning into a real online sales one!

Digital News July

Digital news don’t go on holidays! Here are the last month’s news.

Digital News May

News coming to the digital world! Read them now to keep up with the web!

Digital News April

There's an air of digital news! Read this article to find out what's new on the web!

Digital News February

New month, lots of Digital News! Read here the latest updates from the digital world.

Digital News January

All the Digital News of the month of January in a nutshell so you don't miss even one!
From Instagram to LinkedIn to Snapchat here's what happened!

Digital News December

All the Digital News of the month of December in a nutshell so you don't miss even one!
From Instagram to Spotify to TikTok here's what happened!

2021’ s trends that will influence also 2022

Discover the new marketing trends and our tips to best meet the needs of your customers

Digital News November

All the Digital News of the month of November in a nutshell so you don't miss a single one!
From Facebook to Instagram to TikTok here's what happened!

Rebranding: everyone needs a refresh!

What is a rebranding? Have you ever rebranded your company?
Discover the best of 2021 .. starting from Facebook!

Digital News October

Facebook Smart Glasses, Instagram Maps, LinkedIn Dark Mode and much more! Discover the October Digital News!

Digital News September

The latest news about Instagram, Facebook Horizon Workrooms, TikTok & Shopify, Youtube Theatre and Spotify! Find out the September digital news!